Aprilaire Wifi Thermostat
Control Aprilaire Wifi Thermostats models 8810, 8820, 8830, and 8840.
Track the public IP address of your Crestron processor and associate it with a domain name
Crown Power Amplifier
Control Crown amplifiers from a Crestron processor via a Cobranet / UDP/IQ network with these modules. Volume control, error reporting, and presets are provided.
Dedicated Micros DVR
This suite of modules provide serial or IP based control of a Dedicated Micros CCTV DVR. Now you can achieve control over your Digital Sprite or ECO series DVR via Ethernet.
This module allows you to control DIRECTV receivers and Genie Clients via TCP/IP.
DirecTV Music
This module allows you to control a DSS receiver via IR, USB or a "Low Speed Data" port. With it you can browse the SonicTap channel lineup on DirecTV and tune directly to each station. Driven by an easily updatable text file.
DoorBird Crestron Home
Initiate SIP calls, Control native and external (from a connected I/O controller) relay functions, and receive doorbell, RFID, and Motion events.
DoorBird Crestron Home Module License
License Key for ControlWorks DoorBird Crestron Home Driver
DoorBird SIMPL Windows
Full Control, SIP calling, and view the camera on DoorBird Video Door Stations D10x, D20x, B10x, D210x, and Holovision models 831, 731, 430 Doorstations over TCP/IP.
DoorBird SIMPL Windows Module License
License Key for ControlWorks DoorBird SIMPL Windows Module
Interactive Technologies CueServer
Use this module to control the CueServer. Send and recieve levels, recall cues with fade and follow times, contol and feedback of buttons in CueServer, and control of digital relay outputs.
Logitech Squeezebox/Squeezebox Server
Complete integration over a Logitech Squeezebox via Ethernet when used with the free Squeezebox Server software