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Crestron Module to Synchronize Clock with Network Time Servers (SNTP, Daytime, Time)

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This family of 4 modules allows a 2-series processor to synchronize the Crestron clock with an Internet based time server. The module replaces the Extended Clock Driver symbol in your program, and automatically synchronizes the clock every night. A digital input also allows external manual synchronization.

A module is provided for each of three major time synchronization formats in use on the Internet (and in networking in general) today. All four modules set both the date and the time of the Crestron processor.

RFC 2030 "SNTP" - UDP/IP Port 123 - For SIMPL Windows

 SNTP (RFC 1361, RFC 1769, and RFC 2030) is the most popular format used on the Internet today. It is also widely utilized on corporate and educational LANs under a wide variety of operating systems. This module is used to synchronize with NTP time servers (RFC 778, RFC 891, RFC 956, RFC 958 and RFC 1305) but does not perform any averaging of results. The connection is made on UDP/IP port 13. This is the preferred time server protocol, as it is widely available.

RFC 2030 "SNTP" - UDP/IP Port 123 - For SystemBuilder & D3PRO

This module is the same as above but has been specifically built to be used within SystemBuilder as well as D3PRO. Now your Adagio, Prodigy and Crestron lighting control processors will always keep accurate time.

RFC 868 "Time" - TCP/IP Port 37 - For SIMPL Windows

The "Time" protocol connects on TCP/IP port 37. This is preferred if a TCP/IP time server must be used, as it is more standardized than the RFC 867 "Daytime" protocol.

RFC 867 "Daytime" - TCP/IP Port 13 - For SIMPL Windows

As the standards of this format are not well-defined in the RFC, the ControlWorks module has been based on the NIST implementation of RFC 867. Only NIST or NIST-style servers are supported. The demo program includes two recommended time servers.

These modules depend upon LAN-based or Internet-based time servers. While the module has been coded to redundantly check two different severs, ControlWorks Consulting does not guarantee the output thereof.

What's included
This module package includes the un-encrypted module, a sample SIMPL Windows program, a sample Xpanel and detailed help file.

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