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Crestron Module to Control and Browse DirecTV Music

Found in: Audio Equipment, Ethernet/Internet Utilities

This module allows you to control a DIRECTV receiver via IR, USB or RS-232 control via the "Low Speed Data" port.  With it you can browse the SonicTap channel lineup on DIRECTV and tune directly to each station.  The module is driven by an easily updatable text file.

DIRECTV SonicTap Music Module

Now you can browse the DIRECTV SonicTap Music Channel lineup by category and then browse the channels in the selected category.  The categories, channels and names are driven by a text file stored in NVRAM or on a CF card.  Simple editing of the text file allows you to customize the lineup, channel numbers, channel names and order for your client. 

A Toolbox Script file is included with examples of how to load updated text files to remote processors.  By running one script, you can update all of your client's systems without having to edit your program or reload touchpanels files. 

The module also allows you to store 5-20 static favorites.  From a one way remote you can directly select each favorite or step through the group one at a time.  Great for pool side WPR-48's and ML-600's.

The module supports USB, serial and IR control of the receiver.  Any receiver built with a "low speed data" or "home control" port may be controlled via serial.  This port is either a female DB-9 or a RJ-22 handset jack that can be found on the back of the receiver.  DIRECTV STB's that have only a USB port can use a RS-232 to USB adapter for a serial connection.  This application allows for near instantaneous tuning of the selected channel.  For all other receivers the module gets tied to your IR driver to send the channel number.  The modules use is not limited to just DIRECTV receivers, as in IR mode you could edit the text file for selecting channels on cable boxes as well.

Some examples of serially controlled receivers:

  • Sony SAT-B55, B65, HD100, HD300
  • DirecTV "D", "H" and "HR" series
  • RCA DRD series

What's included
This module package includes the un-encrypted module, a sample SIMPL Windows program, a sample Xpanel and detailed help file.

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Module in SIMPL Windows Test
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