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Dataprobe iBootBar Crestron Module

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This module allows you to control the Dataprobe iBootBar via TCP-IP or RS-232.  The iBootBar allows you to reboot, reset or control locked-up equipment at remote locations. Big savings on travel and downtime make for happy customers. The iBootBar is an eight outlet, remote control power strip and is available for North American 15 and 20 amp circuits, as well as international 115/230 VAC, up to 20 amps.  Up to eight iBoots can be controlled via one connection.

For details and specifications on the Dataprobe iBootBar see their website here .

What's New in V2?

Version 2 of the module includes the ability to support multiple iBootBars when chained together.   We have also added RS-232 as an additional means of control.

What's included

This module package includes the un-encrypted module, a sample SIMPL Windows program, a sample Xpanel and detailed help file.

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Price: $300.00

Crestron 2-Series Processors: Crestron 2-Series Compatable
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