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Crestron SIMPL Windows Module to control Genie Aladdin Connect - OHD Anywhere

Found in: Ethernet/Internet Utilities, Security

This module provides control over garage doors using using the Genie Aladdin Connect serviceGenie and Overhead Door openers that support Aladdin Connect or OHD Anywhere may be controlled. Additionally, other manufacturers garage doors may be controlled when connected to a Genie Aladdin Connect Wi-Fi RetroFit Kit or a OHD Anywhere RetroFft Kit.

 This module provides a wide variety of functionality to control garage doors, and provides unsolicited status feedback from the Genie online service. Features include:

  • 3, 4, and VC-4 Series compatibility. 
  • Open/Close control of a Genie or Overhead Door opener that natively supports Aladdin Connect or OHD Anywhere (single door control).
  • Open/Close control of up to 3 doors when using the retrofit kits.
  • Unsolicited real-time feedback of door status.
  • Door sensor battery level feedback for Retrofit kits.

Licensing Information 
The Module is a free download, however this Module requires a Module Instance License that can be obtained here. Each Genie or Overhead Door device in a program requires a separate license in order to function. Licenses are tied to the Crestron processor. Please see the help file for detailed instructions on how to activate the module, and to pair a Crestron processor to the Genie Aladdin Connect service. 

What do I get when I download the module?
With purchase you will receive the module itself (.umc .usp .ush and .clz), an example program, example touchpanel, and help file.

You also receive updates and telephone support at no additional charge during the support period of the module. 

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Crestron 2-Series Processors: Not Crestron 2-Series Compatable
Crestron 3-Series Processors: Compatable With Crestron 3-Series Processors
Crestron 4-Series Processors: Compatable with Crestron 4-Series Processors
VC-4: Compatible with VC-4

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