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Crestron Module to Control Logitech Squeezebox/Squeezebox Server

Found in: Audio Equipment, Ethernet/Internet Utilities, Media

 This product has been discontinued. Support for this product will end Feburary 1st 2015.   

Now you can easily control a Logitech Squeezebox Classic, Radio, Touch, Boom, Duet, or Transporter  from a Crestron processor.  This module enables Ethernet control of a Logitech Squeezebox when connected to a Windows PC hosting the Squeezebox Server software version 7.5.4.  See our list of supported models below.  The Squeezebox Server software is free of charge from Logitech.  The Squeezebox hardware starts at about $200 USD.  Go visit the Logitech online store to purchase any Logitech Squeezebox product.

This module includes the ability to manage the player from a Crestron touchpanel, including:

  • Browsing or searching the SqueezeServer's music library by songs, artists, albums, or genres
  • Control playback, including play, pause, track previous and next as well as the ability to skip to specific locations within tracks
  • Shuffle, repeat and random controls
  • Playlist creation 
  • QWERTY Search capability
  • Internet radio
  • Dynamic Graphic support for album art
  • The ability to access the external digital inputs when used with a Transporter [Not applicable for other models]
  • "My Apps"
    • Pandora
    • Rhapsody
    • Slacker
    • Last.FM
    • Napster
    • Media Fly
    • Sirius Internet Radio
  • Search support with Rhapsody, MediaFly, and Napster
  • Station creation for Pandora and Last.FM
  • Love and ban support for Pandora and Slacker
  • Emulation of IR controls
  • Serial inputs to send user-defined text to the Squeezebox's front-panel display


Please note that the modules can only control a player that has been associated with a SqueezeServer/SqueezeCenter server.  The module will not control a player on its own.

Slim Devices, now a Logitech Company, is the worldwide pioneer of network entertainment products for users of personal computers and the Internet. Logitech's innovative hardware and Open Source software are setting the standard for an exciting new product category.

Supported Logitech Players


    • Classic - supported but no longer manufacturered
    • Boom - supported but no longer manufacturered
    • Touch - supported ***RECOMMENDED BY CONTROLWORKS***
    • Radio - supported
    • Transporter - supported but no longer manufacturered
    • Transporter SE - supported
    • Duet - Supported


Go visit the Logitech online store to purchase any Squeezebox product


More Information

Visit our Module Knowledge Base for answers to common questions on this product.

What's included

This module package includes the un-encrypted module, a sample SIMPL Windows program, four sample Xpanel projects and detailed help file for both SIMPL Windows as well as SystemBuilder.  We have also included the GUIFX font package to make your UI look that much better. 

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