Crestron Home Driver to Control Pentair IntelliCenter Pool Controller

Found in: Environmental

Now you can integrate the Pentair IntelliCenter pool controller In Crestron Home. All control and feedback on the module is in real-time directly from the controller.

Functionality of the Driver includes:

Version 2.5.0 Update

What's included
This module package includes the Driver and detailed help file.

Instance License
This driver requires an Instance License that can be purchased here. Each Driver instance in Crestron Home requires a separate license in order to function. Licenses are tied to the specific combination of a Crestron Home processor and an IntelliCenter controller.  The Driver also offers a fully featured complimentary trial period of 30 minutes if no license has been purchased. Please see the help file for detailed instructions on how to activate the Driver and trial restrictions.

SIMPL Windows
For the SIMPL Windows Version of this Driver click here

Crestron 2-Series Processors: Not Crestron 2-Series CompatableCrestron 3-Series Processors: Not Crestron 3-Series CompatableCrestron 4-Series Processors: Not Crestron 4-Series Compatability
Crestron Home: Compatible with Crestron Home

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