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Crestron Home Driver to Control AprilAire S86WMUPR Thermostat

Found in: Environmental

ControlWorks is delighted to extend our partnership with AprilAire through the introduction of a new Crestron Driver for the AprilAire S86WMUPR Wi-Fi Thermostat. The AprilAire S86WMUPR seamlessly integrates with an existing Wi-Fi network, eliminating the necessity for extra control wiring beyond standard HVAC connections. This thermostat serves as an optimal solution for retrofit scenarios where the HVAC control wire is the sole wiring available. For comprehensive information regarding the thermostat's compatibility and functionalities, visit the AprilAire website here.

This Driver allows two way local Ethernet(Wi-Fi) integration of an AprilAire S86WMUPR. Features include:

  • Heat, cool, and auto setpoint control, with real-time feedback. 
  • System mode
  • Fan mode
  • Humidity control
  • Direct heat, cool, and auto setpoints from quick actions
  • Direct system modes from quick actions
  • Direct fan modes from quick actions
  • Direct humidity setpoints from quick actions
  • Support for Fahrenheit and Celsius
  • Free 7 day trial

Licensing Information:
The Crestron Home Driver is a free download, however this Driver requires a Module Instance License that can be obtained hereEach Driver requires a separate license in order to function. Please see the module help file for detailed instructions on retrieving your Activation Key.

Licenses are tied to the Crestron processor. 

Crestron Home
For the SIMPL Windows Module, click here

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