Pentair IntelliCenter Module License

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The Pentair IntelliCenter SIMPL Module and Crestron Home Driver require a Module Instance License that can be obtained below. Each module in a program requires a separate license in order to function. Licenses are tied to the Crestron processor and IntelliCenter combination. Please see the module help file for detailed instructions on retrieving your Activation Key.

The Pentair IntelliCenter SIMPL Module can be downloaded here.

The Pentair IntelliCenter Crestron Home Driver can be downloaded here.

Crestron 2-Series Processors: Crestron 2-Series CompatableCrestron 3-Series Processors: Compatable With Crestron 3-Series ProcessorsCrestron 4-Series Processors: Compatable with Crestron 4-Series Processors
Crestron Home: Compatible with Crestron Home

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