Crestron Module to Interface with eSommelier Wine Management System

This module has been discontinued and is no longer for sale. Support for this module has ended. 

ControlWorks Consulting is pleased to provide a Crestron module to interface with the eSommelier wine management system.  Wines can be sorted by various characteristics, such as country of origin, region, variety of wine, winery, vintage, or ripeness. The extensive library of wines (over 139,000 included in the pre-loaded database) can be viewed in its entirety, or the user can elect to view only the available wines in his or her particular collection, or those that have been flagged to be re-ordered.

Details on any wine can be viewed, including the country, region, type, variety, winery, vintage, rating, ripeness, quantity in stock, quantity to be re-ordered, bin location in the user's cellar, pricing, and notes.

This module is designed to interface with eSommelier via a TCP/IP connection. Your processor must be equipped with an ethernet card or integrated LAN port. A sample TPS-6000 and Xpanel touchpanel file are included with the module. These touchpanels have been developed to closely mirror the appearance and functionality of the actual eSommlier touchpanels. Establishing this same level of consistency of appearance may be difficult touchpanels with resolutions lower than 1024x768.

Updates in Version 6:

Updates in Version 5:

Updates in Version 4:

Updates in Version 3:

Currently the Crestron Module does not support the ability to add or delete wines from the database or edit notes for a particular wine.

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