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This module allows control of the AJA Ki Pro GO over TCP/IP
AJA Ki Pro Ultra
This suite of modules allows control of the AJA Ki Pro Rack, Ki Pro Ultra, Ki Pro Ultra Plus, or Ki Pro Ultra 12G via RS-422 or via TCP/IP.
This SIMPL Windows Module allows control of AJA KUMO SDI routers 1604, 1616, 1616-12G, 3232, 3232-12G, 6464, and 6464-12G.
Alarm Clock
Trigger any source or device in your audio/video system with this alarm clock module
APC HS-500
This module allows you to control a APC HS-500 UPS via Ethernet.  Complete control and feedback is available for remote control and monitoring from any touchpanel.
Blackmagic Design SmartView
Blackmagic Design SmartView Duo, SmartView 4K and SmartScope Duo 4K
Control the Bosch DICENTIS Wired system over TCP/IP.
Bosch DICENTIS Module License
License Key for ControlWorks Bosch DICENTS SIMPL Windows Module
Button Labeler From Text File
Label a series of touchpanel buttons with indirect text from a text file
Synchronize any 2-series processor's internal clock with an Internet based time server. Support is provided for the SNTP, Time, and Daytime protocols.
Crestron Voting
Provide a voting solution for state and local governments and small council chambers. Import agenda information from PowerPoint, export results to Excel, and display results locally
Dataprobe iBootBar
This module allows you to control the Dataprobe iBootBar via TCP-IP or RS-232. The iBootBar allows you to reboot, reset or control locked-up equipment remotely. Big savings on travel and downtime!
Jandy Aqualink RS Pool Controller
Control your Jandy Aqualink Pool Controller via RS232 serial with this module
Pentair iLink Pool Controller
Crestron integration for the Pentair IntelliTouch Pool controllers via the Pentair RS232 iLink adapter