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AprilAire S86WMUPR Module License
License for ControlWorks Aprilaire S86WMUPR Modules and Drivers
AprilAire S86WMUPR Thermostat Crestron Home
Crestron Home Driver to Control AprilAire S86WMUPR Thermostat
AprilAire S86WMUPR Thermostat SIMPL
Crestron SIMPL Windows Module to control the AprilAire S86WMUPR Thermostat
Aprilaire Wifi Thermostat
Control Aprilaire Wifi Thermostats models 8810, 8820, 8830, and 8840.
Aprilaire/Enerzone Schedule
Add scheduling features to your Aprilaire 8870 Enerzone Statnet thermostats. This module allows your Crestron processor to set a 5/2 (weekend/weekday) schedule for heating and cooling a home.
Goldline Pool Controller
Complete emulation of a Goldline Aqua Logic PS or Pro Logic PS pool controller
Jandy Aqualink RS Pool Controller
Control your Jandy Aqualink Pool Controller via RS232 serial with this module
Pentair iLink Pool Controller
Crestron integration for the Pentair IntelliTouch Pool controllers via the Pentair RS232 iLink adapter
Pentair IntelliCenter Crestron Home Driver
Crestron Home Driver to Control Pentair IntelliCenter Pool Controller
Pentair IntelliCenter Module/Driver License
License Key for Pentair IntelliCenter Module
Pentair IntelliCenter SIMPL Windows
Crestron SIMPL Windows Module for the Pentair IntelliCenter Pool controller via TCP/IP
QMotion Qadvanced Shades
Control the new QMotion Qadvanced Zigbee HA1.2 shades over TCP/IP via the Qmotion Zigbee Qube.
Qmotion QConnect Shades
This module enables Crestron control of QMotion shades that are connected though a QMotion QConnect.
QMotion QIS Hard-Wired Shades
Control the new QMotion QIS Hard-Wired Shades over RS485.
QMotion Qsync Gen 3 Shades
Control QMotion Gen 3 Shades using the Qsync transmitter via TCP/IP