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ADA Cinema Rhapsody Mach III
Control your ADA Cinema Rhapsody Mach III via RS-232 using the ADA ISO-CAT II Converter
ADA Suite 8X8
Control your ADA Suite 8X8 Multizone system via ADA Bus or RS-232
Seamlessly integrate the AJA HELO in your institution with this 2-way module over TCP/IP!
This module allows control of the AJA Ki Pro GO over TCP/IP
AJA Ki Pro Ultra
This suite of modules allows control of the AJA Ki Pro Rack, Ki Pro Ultra, Ki Pro Ultra Plus, or Ki Pro Ultra 12G via RS-422 or via TCP/IP.
This SIMPL Windows Module allows control of AJA KUMO SDI routers 1604, 1616, 1616-12G, 3232, 3232-12G, 6464, and 6464-12G.
Alarm Clock
Trigger any source or device in your audio/video system with this alarm clock module
APC HS-500
This module allows you to control a APC HS-500 UPS via Ethernet.  Complete control and feedback is available for remote control and monitoring from any touchpanel.
Aprilaire Wifi Thermostat
Control Aprilaire Wifi Thermostats models 8810, 8820, 8830, and 8840.
Aprilaire/Enerzone Schedule
Add scheduling features to your Aprilaire 8870 Enerzone Statnet thermostats. This module allows your Crestron processor to set a 5/2 (weekend/weekday) schedule for heating and cooling a home.
Audio-Technica ATND1061
Crestron control of the Audio-Technica ATND1061 ceiling array microphone.
Audio-Technica MX-381
Control one or more (up to 16) Audio-Technica AT-MX381 automatic microphone mixers with this module
Blackmagic Design SmartView
Blackmagic Design SmartView Duo, SmartView 4K and SmartScope Duo 4K
Control the Bosch DICENTIS Wired system over TCP/IP.
Bosch DICENTIS Module License
License Key for ControlWorks Bosch DICENTS SIMPL Windows Module
Button Labeler From Text File
Label a series of touchpanel buttons with indirect text from a text file
Track the public IP address of your Crestron processor and associate it with a domain name
Synchronize any 2-series processor's internal clock with an Internet based time server. Support is provided for the SNTP, Time, and Daytime protocols.
Crestron ST-TUNE
This module provides dynamic AM/FM preset support for the Crestron ST-TUNE.
Crestron Voting
Provide a voting solution for state and local governments and small council chambers. Import agenda information from PowerPoint, export results to Excel, and display results locally
Crown Power Amplifier
Control Crown amplifiers from a Crestron processor via a Cobranet / UDP/IQ network with these modules. Volume control, error reporting, and presets are provided.
Dataprobe iBootBar
This module allows you to control the Dataprobe iBootBar via TCP-IP or RS-232. The iBootBar allows you to reboot, reset or control locked-up equipment remotely. Big savings on travel and downtime!
Dedicated Micros DVR
This suite of modules provide serial or IP based control of a Dedicated Micros CCTV DVR. Now you can achieve control over your Digital Sprite or ECO series DVR via Ethernet.
This module allows you to control DIRECTV receivers and Genie Clients via TCP/IP.
DirecTV Music
This module allows you to control a DSS receiver via IR, USB or a "Low Speed Data" port. With it you can browse the SonicTap channel lineup on DirecTV and tune directly to each station. Driven by an easily updatable text file.
Use this module to serially control DirecTV receivers from the D10 to the HR24
DoorBird Crestron Home
Initiate SIP calls, Control native and external (from a connected I/O controller) relay functions, and receive doorbell, RFID, and Motion events.
DoorBird Crestron Home Module License
License Key for ControlWorks DoorBird Crestron Home Driver
DoorBird SIMPL Windows
Full Control, SIP calling, and view the camera on DoorBird Video Door Stations and select Holovision Doorstations over TCP/IP.
DoorBird SIMPL Windows Module License
License Key for ControlWorks DoorBird SIMPL Windows Module
Fusion Research OMS
Control Fusion Research Ovation Music Server and Play-Fi Servers.
GE/Interlogix NX Security Systems
Serial control of compatible GE / Interlogix security systems NX-4, NX-4V2, NX-6, NX-6V2, NX-8, NX-8V2, NX-8E panels
Genie Aladdin Connect - OHD Anywhere Crestron Home Driver
Crestron Home Driver to control Garage Doors via Genie Aladdin Connect and OHD Anywhere service
Genie Aladdin Connect - OHD Anywhere License
Genie Aladdin Connect - OHD Anywhere Module License
Genie Aladdin Connect - OHD Anywhere SIMPL Windows Module
Crestron SIMPL Windows Module to control Garage Doors via Genie Aladdin Connect and OHD Anywhere service
Goldline Pool Controller
Complete emulation of a Goldline Aqua Logic PS or Pro Logic PS pool controller
House Logix HSIM
This module provides keypad emulation and limited feedback of DSC and Ademco/Honeywell Vista series security panels when using the HouseLogix HSIM.
Interactive Technologies CueServer
Use this module to control the CueServer. Send and recieve levels, recall cues with fade and follow times, contol and feedback of buttons in CueServer, and control of digital relay outputs.
Interactive Technologies CueServer2 and CueServer3
Control the Interactive Technologies CueServer2 series of DMX controllers (CS-900, CS-920, CS-950) and New CueServer3 (CS-3110, CS-3120, CS-3150, CS-3900)controllers via UDP/IP and TCP/IP communications.
Jandy Aqualink RS Pool Controller
Control your Jandy Aqualink Pool Controller via RS232 serial with this module
Kenwood DT-7000s
This module provides an RS-232 interface to a Kenwood DT-7000S Sirius satellite radio receiver. It includes power control, keypad for channel entry, presets, and the ability to lock and unlock channels.
Leviton (NSI) I/F501
Allows control of DMX-512 via RS-232 from a Crestron Processor
Logitech Squeezebox/Squeezebox Server
Complete integration over a Logitech Squeezebox via Ethernet when used with the free Squeezebox Server software
Incorporate paging or chimes from external sources on your PAD8A, BIPAD or AAE with this module
Panasonic WJ-HD DVR
Integrate a Panasonic WJ-HD309 or Panasonic WJ-HD316 CCTV DVR via serial with this module
Pentair iLink Pool Controller
Crestron integration for the Pentair IntelliTouch Pool controllers via the Pentair RS232 iLink adapter
Pentair IntelliCenter Crestron Home Driver
Crestron Home Driver to Control Pentair IntelliCenter Pool Controller
Pentair IntelliCenter Module/Driver License
License Key for Pentair IntelliCenter Module
Pentair IntelliCenter SIMPL Windows
Crestron SIMPL Windows Module for the Pentair IntelliCenter Pool controller via TCP/IP
QMotion Qadvanced Shades
Control the new QMotion Qadvanced Zigbee HA1.2 shades over TCP/IP via the Qmotion Zigbee Qube.
Qmotion QConnect Shades
This module enables Crestron control of QMotion shades that are connected though a QMotion QConnect.
QMotion QIS Hard-Wired Shades
Control the new QMotion QIS Hard-Wired Shades over RS485.
QMotion Qsync Gen 3 Shades
Control QMotion Gen 3 Shades using the Qsync transmitter via TCP/IP
Get robust RS-232 control of any Sirius branded tuner such as the SCH2P, SCH1P2 or SCHDOC1P
Sonance iPort iPod Dock
Seamlessly integrate your iPod into your Crestron distributed audio system with this module
Sony RS422 Serial Protocol
Controls Video Tape Recorders and Digital Video Recorders that support the Sony P2 (BVW, RS-422, 9-Pin) protocol
Universal Remotes PSX-2
A great alternative to other iPod docks, the Universal Remote Control PSX-2 provides great ease of use and an on-screen display with Crestron control via TCP and UDP